Trust Meltdown VII

When the global economic crisis hit in 2007/2008 it seemed, at first, to be a sudden event, not the start of a long-term change in the way we view our key corporate, governmental, and social institutions. Unfortunately, that crisis ushered in the start of the global trust meltdown, which has been exemplified by a loss of faith in banks, regulators, and governments.

Banks are now portrayed in the media with a level of negativity in line with industries that have been framed as posing an active risk to the lives of their customers and employees. Regulators are often viewed as ineffectual, while the quality of corporate evaluations from ratings agencies aren’t even examined.

Media Tenor’s Trust Meltdown VII provides a scientifi c perspective on the state of trust around the world. With analysis focused on North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Trust Meltdown VII looks not just at causes, but at potential solutions. These include improved transparency and communications, a renewed focus on ESG that goes beyond green-washing, and the potential benefits of positive news.

Every year the trust meltdown continues presents lost opportunity, stability, and revenue. The ongoing nature of the trust meltdown also increases the amount of investment, work, and time it will take leading institutions and corporations to emerge from these conditions and return to benefitting to our social frameworks.

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