CSR Index 2018

Trust is vital for society and for the global economy to function successfully and efficiently given the fast pace of change in the world today. The economic crisis that began in 2008 continues to challenge us today in part due to (a) the diminished sense of trust between businesses and their stakeholders, and (b) the lack of trust in the data on which businesses report performance and make decisions.

The performance of companies in the area of sustainable development is currently evaluated using the data provided on their website, in their Annual Report, and in their Sustainability / CSR Report. Rating agencies rework and interpret the elements provided using criteria and methodologies they have developed in-house to rank companies’ results. It is widely recognized that the approach adopted by rating agencies presents a number of significant shortcomings.

The book aims to illustrate the role and functionalities of a robust Global Sustainability Index (GSI) that overcomes these limitations and allows companies to be ranked in a transparent and pertinent manner.

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